Get Stable & Reliable 3 Phase Power to Your Industrial Machines


You want to make sure that your 3 phase power supplier gets you stable and reliable power to your industrial machines.


Here's how you can make sure they do.

If you're in the manufacturing, automotive, or agricultural industries, you rely on industrial machines every day.

You need to power the weighty machines that are part of your livelihood. If these machines fail, that means a lack of revenue for as long as they're down.

What if you could get reliable and stable power to these machines every time you use them? You can with 3 phase power.

If you're not familiar with this power source, read on. We'll explain what this power is, how it's beneficial, and how you can use a 3 phase system for your industrial machines.


What Is 3 Phase Power?


To understand 3 phase power, you must first grasp single-phase and dual-phase power.

With single-phase power, electrical currents are distributed all at once at similar voltages. Single-phase power is most often used for electric motors, heating, and lighting applications.

Then there's dual-phase power. This has dual alternating power circuits that provide an electrical current.

Lastly, there's 3 phase power. This uses electrical currents for the distribution, transmission, and generation of power. You see this power source all the time, as it's often used in electrical grids.

There are three different types of converters used in a 3 phase system. These are as follows:

Electronic converters: Running on electric power, these converters are used for making a direct current from single-phase power. To do that, electronic converters need a certain torque and rotation speed.

You can alter those settings if need be, including the motor speed. If you have large machines that need power, electronic converters are a good choice.

Static converters: Cost-effective, static converters are somewhat difficult to use. If you're familiar with these converters though, they're beneficial in a few ways.

These can be used for smaller, simpler machines like dust collectors, bandsaws, and air compressors. You can pick the size of the motor, controlling the cost. These are also the cheapest of the three converter types.

Rotary converters: With a generator idler, rotary converters are also somewhat difficult to use, as they need flat ground for the three legs to stand. That said, these give a reliable power jolt to sizeable industrial machines.


What Are the Benefits of 3 Phase Systems?


There are plenty of benefits to 3 phase systems. Let's explore each of these benefits in-depth so you can make the best decision for your industrial company.


More Power

You now have thrice the power. That means even your biggest machines can get the electrical jolt they need to run for hours on end.


Less Risk of Electrical Outages

That said, how much power is too much? With a 3 phase system, you're right in that sweet spot.

You don't need to buy new circuit breakers or bulky equipment. You also don't have to stress about power outages.

Single-phase power requires more copper wire to generate power. The power provided from this wiring pulsates, which can sometimes be spotty and uneven, resulting in power failure.

With a 3 phase system, there's no pulsating power. Instead, it's even at all times, which means the power levels are consistent. That reduces the rate of electrical outages.


Takes up Less Space

Between circuit breakers, transformers, and the machines themselves, running an industrial company on single-phase power takes up a lot of space.

By switching to a 3 phase system, you can cut back on all that bulky equipment.


Save Money

Every month, you get a utilty bill for your industrial business. The cost of the bill is impacted by where your business operates, how big your business is, how many machines you run, and how long you run them.

You may already pay a lot of money using single-phase power. Wouldn't moving up to a 3 phase system increase your bill even more?


Not necessarily.

With cheaper prices for a power line and installation, you're saving money.


More Productivity

The more productive your industrial company is, the more money you make.

However, plenty of factors can hinder productivity. If your machines aren't getting enough power, they're not going to run as long. They'll need to be recharged more often.

The time you spend recharging is time you'll never get back.

A single-phase power system may also be more prone to electrical outages, as mentioned. With a 3 phase system, the risk of outages lowers.

If you have a reliable power source, you know you can trust your machines to get you through the day and the week.

Your company will start operating more seamlessly. Productivity will increase, as will revenue.


Better Energy Efficiency

We all want to do our part for the environment. By switching from a one-phase power system to a 3 phase, you're operating greener.

You wouldn't necessarily think that adding more power would reduce your energy usage, but it does.

Single-phase power can be an energy hog. So too can dual-phased systems. A 3 phase system is much more streamlined.


With 3 phase systems, you control the amount of power that goes to each piece of equipment. You also control how much equipment you have on the grounds.

With less equipment, you're using less energy. That not only saves you money, but it benefits the environment, too.


How Do You Get 3 Phase Power to Your Industrial Machines?


Okay, you're convinced. You want to switch from single phase to 3 phase power for your industrial machines.

There's just one problem: all your equipment is designed for a single-phase system.

Do you have to remove all this equipment, rewire, and start over?

No, you don't.

Remember when we discussed 3 phase converters? You can use one of these to swap from a single-phase to a 3 phase system. Rotary converters are most often used for this job.

Since these converters double as a generator, rotary converters ensure consistent power for all your machines. Make sure you get a converter that's the right size for your building.

There's no need to rewire or spend money upgrading your power system.

Want to learn more about 3 phase power? Check out Precision Motor Repair. This automotive company specializes in repairing electric motors. We also offer power conversion services. Call today!

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