3 Phase Electric Power in New Brunswick

Let Your Business Benefit From 3 Phase Electric Power in New Brunswick or Other Communities in Eastern Canada


Have you been on the searched for 3 phase electrical power to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your agricultural or manufacturing business in Eastern Canada?

Today, a growing number of managers appreciate the importance of enjoying consistent, reliable power in remote locations.


A single phase to 3 phase converter offered by Precision Motor Repair helps you achieve this goal. Take a few moments to consider some of the benefits your business might achieve by embracing this technology.


Dependable 3 Phase Electrical Power


Before the turn of the Twentieth Century, a vigorous debate existed between supporters of Direct Current (electrical currents flowing in only one direction) and Alternating Current (electrical currents which reverse direction at regular intervals).


Scientists in that era had learned that inventors could generate electricity either through the use of batteries, or by moving wires around magnets to create an electrical current in the wires.


Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, strongly favored the use of Direct Current. He engaged in a rivalry with another inventor, George Westinghouse, over the best way to electrify a modern infrastructure.


This historic controversy continues to influence power generation in the modern era. Eventually, Thomas Edison's system for generating an electrical distribution system gained widespread use. Modern systems rely on both Direct Current and Alternating Current.


Better Power in Eastern Canada & New Brunswick


Presently in Canada, most homes and business utilize current transmitted directly from power plants to substations, which in turn rely on Alternating Current to send the electricity across longer distances.


These smaller stations typically transmit electricity to consumers via a ground wire and an active or "hot" wire. Many nations use 220 volt outlets or 120-volt outlets in which an alternating current regularly cycles through power outlets.


Yet in some locations, the transmission of power may not provide the sustained level desired by businesses engaged in manufacturing operations or agricultural production. If you find yourself in this situation, instead of requesting the installation of additional power lines to your facilities from the substation (generally a service which entails extra costs), you might consider using 3 phase power converters to boost the phase performance of your existing power lines.


Today adopting a 3 Phase Electric Power New Brunswick strategy helps some companies situated in Atlantic Seaboard communities curtail high power bills, for instance. Clean power for businesses offers great convenience to firms which rely upon heavy-duty power equipment or CNC-dependent manufacturing processes. You can usually tell this type of equipment by the industrial and multiphase power plugs and sockets.


How It Works


The tools required for implementing a 3 Phase Electric Power New Brunswick business model essentially add a phase to the alternating currents already deployed through electrical outlets. This does not impact the existing electrical current itself.


Yet it does effectively reduce the intervals between electrical power supplied at the outlet by changing a single phase outlet into a three phase one, augmenting the efficiency of the power outlet.


The 3 Phase Power Converters offered by Precision Motor Repair supply a convenient way to ensure some types of machinery will receive a uniform, dependable flow of electrical current in order to perform rapid production operations.


This technology has existed for over three decades, so you can count upon a reliable performance track record. We offer available technical expertise, (in addition to a solid two year warranty on these products).


More Power On Demand


What types of businesses in Eastern Canada may find the use of 3 Phase Electric Dyna-Phase equipment appealing? Just consider a few of the enterprises which may obtain helpful cost savings. Converting their daily operations to rely on Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter technology assists all these industries: metal parts fabricators, woodworking firms, power transmission companies, CNC machining enterprises, and more.


Numerous agricultural ventures may also desire this type of upgrade. It frequently assists pivot welding and grain drying operations, for instance.


We offer an excellent line of machinery to aid your company in obtaining 3 phase electric power on demand. You may wish to review the specifications for these products in greater detail:


Dyna-Phase units: 1Dyna-Phase, 2Dyna-Phase, 3Dyna-Phase and 4Dyna-Phase

Benefiting Your Bottom Line

  • Dyna-Phase 1: The design team developed these models to work with equipment utilizing single motors and automatic controls. We also offer voltage regulated (VR) units capable of accommodating loads with several motors. Use this equipment to help supply power to conveyor belts and fans, for instance.


  • Dyna-Phase 2: Our heavier grade industrial Dyna-Phase 2 models can help promote the work of sump pumps and refrigeration equipment. Once again, VR models permit use with multiple motors.


  • Dyna-Phase 3: These highly cost-effective units support the work of power tools, welders and woodworking equipment, as well as grain drying equipment and automated livestock feeding conveyors.


  • Dyna-Phase 4: For the activities in your facility which consume the most power, consider investing in these units. From converting single phase electrical currents to three phase currents for machining lathe operations and sewage pumping, to use in a variety of fabrication projects, this tough equipment represents a wise investment for many Canadian businesses seeking to "add a phase" to streamline their operations and reduce overhead.



Operating a more efficient business often means the difference between success and failure in your market. Diverse enterprises from Halifax to St. Johns appreciate discovering new ways to reduce costly recurring operating expenses.


If your company conducts operations in any of the provinces of Eastern Canada (including New Brunswick and Nova Scotia), you may find it very helpful to explore the operation of this innovative power technology with a Precision Motor Repair sales representative.


Opportunities to obtain budget-saving clean power for businesses can certainly please successful companies.


Don't miss your chance to evaluate the performance of our efficient Dyna-Phase power converters very soon!


For more information, contact us via the easy online form or call 1-519-322-1363.
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