3 Phase Power Converters for Efficient Clean Power

Dyna-Phase: The 3-Phase Power Leader

Companies all over Canada are looking for new and better ways to convert their single phase power machines to an ideal machine: the rotary phase converters, 3 phase power converter. For those looking to make the switch, it is important to know that not all of these 3 phase power converters are created equal. Leading the industry, and one of the most sought after brands is the Dyna-phase power converter, a low-cost way of achieving the ideal power converter on the market today.


Efficent Clean Power


While some business owners may think that a single phase power converter is good enough for their business and production, others are noticing the expansive benefits of converting to this product. If you are an owner of the following business types or use the following machines in your everyday work or simply need to add a phase of power, this is the best rotary phase converters for you.



  • Woodworking Equipment
  • Metalworking Equipment
  • Pivot Irrigation Equipment
  • Grain Dryers
  • Power Transmission
  • Refrigerator Units
  • Hoists & Lift Stations
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Filtration Plants
  • CNC Machines
  • Air Compressors
  • Welders
  • Etc.



Whether you use one of these in your work or multiple machines, this product is by far the best option for those seeking out a cleaner, more efficient power source.


So, who is benefiting from this 3 phase power source?


Companies all over the East Coast of Canada are taking note of the benefits of this system including those located in St. Johns, New Brunswick, Charlotte Town, Nova Scotia, Halifax, and more.


Don't stay in the dark ages with your single phase power source while other businesses are moving ahead and saving time and energy with our 3 phase power source.


The race for clean, efficient power has been one with this progressive power system and for multiple reasons. This system has withstood the test of time, having been in operation for over three decades. With 35 years worth of clean power supply, our customers have been satisfied with our guaranteed performance throughout the years. Not only that, but they have shown high success rates after switching from a single phase to 3 phase converter.


Not only do we supply the leading brand in single phase to 3 phase power sources, we also offer multiple levels and even custom options for our customers.



  • Phase 1


This option provides systems with automatic controls a standard power source option. If you utilize machines with centrifugal pumps, conveyors, fans, etc. then this is a great option for you. In this model, the load motor follows the converter automatically and allows a single phase disconnect to operate at 3-phase load motor. For a balanced voltage output with voltage up to this products HP rating, this is the phase for you.



  • Phase 2


This unit also allows for a connection to a 3-phase load, similar to the Phase 1 product. However, this is a heavy duty unit designed for loads such as refrigerator units, submersible pumps, and air compressors. This voltage regulate model offers the ability to operate heavy duty loads up to the products nameplate rating.



  • Phase 3


This is an intense motor that allows for 3 times the HP rating for a motor that is of the largest capacity. For businesses that use heavy duty machines for woodworking, grain and feed systems, and shop tools, this is the idea Dyna-Phase product for you. Our experts here at Precision Motor Repair can help you determine if this is truly the ideal product for you.



  • Phase 4


Combining the features of all of the above products, the Phase 4 product can handle the heaviest loads possible. Anything from duplex sewage pumps, metal lathes, and shearers is no issue for this outstanding product. Contact our specialists at Precision Motor Repair to learn more about this product and find out what it can and cannot connect to. You will be amazed to find the virtually limitless possibilities of the Dyna-Phase 4 machine.



Here at Precision Motor Repair, we also offer many customizable options for our customers who need specific power sources. We have automatic voltage control, NEMA 1 enclosure standards, custom phase converters for all of your needs, and we also offer substitutions for hand/off/auto switches which can be replaced with start/stop buttons. This enables you to choose between manual and automatic operation.


Regardless of your reason for switching over to 3 Phase Power converters, whether it is for clean power for businesses or simply to add a phase to your current machine, Precision Motor Repair offers the leading product in the industry. This product offers all of that and more.


If you are in need of customized options for all of your heavy machinery, woodworking machines, and anything industrial... we are your go to company.


The 3-Phase Power Leader


Leading the east coast of Canada in single phase to 3 phase converter, and helping offer more clean power for businesses, we can assist you in making sure that all of your power using tools and machines runs on cleaner, more efficient energy and help you to get rid of the 1-phase power that simply are not equipt to run modern machines or heavy duty presses.


For all of your power related questions, or to inquire more about all of our power products and customizable options, call us Precision Motor Repair here at 519-322-1363.



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