In Need of 3 Phase Power Converters In Nova Scotia?

If you are need of 3 phase power or power converters in Nova Scotia, you may be wondering what kind of product to invest in. After all, it can be overwhelming to select the best unit for your needs. However, there is indeed a big difference between the different units out there, and you want to make sure you you use the best. This blog will help you decide which is best to use for you. First, here are some common applications you may need 3-phase power for:


Converting From Previous Power Source

The first main reason that you might need 3 phase power is that it offers benefits over your existing power system. For example, if you have single phase power, it might not be enough to handle the work load you're doing on a daily basis in your Nova Scotia power service requirements.


Another reason is that 3 phase power is faster than smoother than single phase. Finally, it can be used in more versatile applications, such as those as those between 1 and 150 HP.



Here are some further benefits when you add a phase:


Clean Power for Businesses


One of the advantages of 3 phase power is that it is clean power for businesses. In today's social climate with so many policies being passed at the international, federal, city, state, county, and city levels, it is important for businesses to be able to be green. Furthermore, you may attract more customers by being known as a green company.


Here are some common applications you will want to add a phase with 3 phase power converters for:




Woodworking involves the use of a lot of heavy material in the first place: wood. In addition, the power requirements to deal with wood are often high. If you want to avoid losing valuable time while crafting your merchandise, then you should consider switching from single phase to 3 phase converter.




When welding, the last thing you want is to lose power or not have enough power. If you are in welding you know that air pressurization being right is important for the electric arc that forms. Otherwise, natural gases in the air can be tripped and causes dangerous situations like explosions. To prevent sudden power changes from occurring, but also to save money and gain efficiency, consider multiple phases which make the whole process easier.




Refrigeration isn't just a convenience. For many industries, it is a necessity. It can be used to store food that you sell, or even private areas for your staff. Regardless of who is consuming the food, the penalties are harsh if your temperature does not stay at the proper level, as this introduces dangerous bacteria to the food. To avoid getting fined, you can make sure that your refrigeration is always receiving enough power with 3 phase converters.


Hoists and Lifts


When hoisting and lifting in any capacity, a lot of weight is needing to be moved from location to another. Any interruption in that process can mean a broken machine, broken product, broken rope, or injured person. All of these potential disasters could cost your company big. If you don't want to take the risk of losing power when you need it most, consider upgrading the type of power converters you're using in your operations.


Metal Working


Because of the strength of metal, heavy machinery is needed to operate with it. Whether you are melting, molding, or cutting metal or steel, don't take chances. Use a power converter that can handle the requirements of the job.


If you have identified that you need 3 phase power, the next question you might be asking is what is the best machine to use to achieve your needs. The answer is Dyna-Phase. There are a number of reasons that Dyna-Phase is a better choice than the competitors:


Strong History


Precision Motor Repair and it's Dyna-phase Units has been in business for over three decades (35 years). This means the manufacturers are a company you can trust to deliver maximum value. You don't last that long as a company unless you consistently deliver high value to customers. It has been a tried and true way to change from a single phase to 3 phase converter.


Best Guarantee


There is a 2 year guaranteed warranty on all systems. This means you know with certainty that your investment is protected and you can have peace of mind. In addition, each order comes with a stock of replacement parts and you can communicate with technical assistance operators if you need help.


The Product


Dyna-Phase can handle multiple kinds of loads. From static loads, to dynamic loads, you won't have to worry about maxing out your power. This is especially in heavy duty applications, such as welding or woodworking or hoisting.


Best Company


Now that you know that Dyna-phase is the best brand, who should you order through? The answer is Precision Motor Repair.


Licensed and Approved


The Canadian Standards Association has approved the repair staff of Precision as well as having trained electricians on staff who can also help install, size, and repair your converters.


Top Notch Installation


Precision Motor Repair offers unmatched customer support and troubleshooting in addition to the installation for Dyna-Phase. The service is available 24/7, which means you'll never have to worry about losing efficiency and production hours ever again.


When it comes to power converters in Nova Scotia, you want to know you have the best. And while making the decision can be a hard one at first, it doesn't have to be anymore. The answer is that Precision Motor Repair's Dyna-Phase 3 phase power converters can be the solution you need. You can enjoy more efficient, cheaper power without the risk and hassles. Plus, you have the benefit of knowing the service angle is handled and your business is in good hands. That way, you can focus on doing what your business does best without wasting time, energy, or money.

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