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3 phase power converters have been around for quite some time. However, 3 phase converters, despite their existence, were not as popular in the past as they are right now. Their demand, at the moment, is attributable to new technology, which has made them more cost-effective, reliable and with more demand for cleaner power.


The 3 phase converter has become the standard device for converting single phase power to 3 phase power in Canada and the especially on the East Coast where more efficient power is needed to drive industry.


Places like Maine, New Brunswick Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.


East Coast of Canada



Precision Motor Repair is here to Help Meet that Demand:


Phase converters are used to convert single phase power into three phase power. As the demand for these converters in Canada increases, so has the number of companies manufacturing them. Therefore, when shopping for a phase converter, you need to make sure that you purchase from a manufacturer that understands the processes required to come up with a product that meets the needs of your power system and has a proven track record for success.

A good example of a three-phase converter that meets the above criterion is Dyna-Phase.



Why Would I Need A Phase Converter?


When compared to single or two-phase electricity, three phase power is more reliable, more efficient, smoother, and more consistent. Meaning that their will be no spikes in power, brown outs, loss of current and so on. Most heavy equipment or machinery are designed to run on three phase power for these reasons. But does that mean that you can't run some of this equipment in your single phase home shop? That's not true.



So if your local cabinet maker is closing up shop and you are thinking of buying some used industrial equipment from them, don't let the fact that these tools have three-phase motors stop you. Just Add a phase. With a three-phase converter such as Dyna-Phase, you can still use three phase equipment in your shop or business.



The Basic types of Power Converters:


  • Electronic converters. For technical reasons, electronic inverters are sometimes referred to as inverters. These devices transform one phase power into direct current and use microchip operated controls to create a simulation of three-phase power.


  • Static converters. Static converters are the simplest. They are relatively cheaper to purchase and easy to install. There are no moving parts in a static converter. Static converters have lower horsepower and therefore difficult to use with machinery that requires high starting loads to operate.


  • Rotary converters. Rotary converters are the most common type of converters in Canada. On the outside, a rotary converter may appear like a heavy-duty electric motor attached to an oversized junction box. A rotary converter is attached to a single-phase power source, and as it spins, it generates 3-phase power to run other tools.


Among these three phase converters, rotary phase converters are the most popular as well as best-selling due to their safety, efficiency, and reliability.


Dyna Phase Unit



Dyna-Phase converters (Our own Brand of power converters) fall under this category. This brand of converters has been on the market for over three decades, it has withstood the test of time and many users can attest to its efficiency.



Different Applications of 1 Phase to 3 Phase Power Converters


There are numerous applications for 1 phase to three phase power converters in the modern world. Converters allow access to clean power for businesses and more and more organizations out there are looking for such solutions. Here a few examples of real-life applications of these solutions.



Where to Use 3 Phase Power Converters in The East Coast Industry


  • HVAC systems. Modern heating and cooling systems have built-in inverters as well as energy saving systems to optimize performance. As a result, most of them are configured in three phase power system, and when a 3 phase power source is not available, a single phase to 3 phase converter can be used.


  • Irrigation systems. Most, if not all irrigation pumps have high horsepower and are designed to work in a three-phase power set up. The problem is that these pumps are mostly used in rural areas where three phase power is not so common. A single phase to 3 phase converter is used to avoid these problems.


  • CNC and mining. CNC (computer numeric control) machines are commonly used in metal fabrication and woodworking. Most CNC machines need three phase power to operate, and of the three types of phase converters explained above, rotary converters are most suitable. Unstable voltage can severely damage a CNC machine. Rotary converters produce the proper voltage balance that is most appropriate for CNC machines.


  • Oil and gas production. Oil and gas production requires highly efficient, consistent, three phase power. In the absence of a three-phase power source, a phase converter is used. Failing to use the appropriate converter on the pump can cause a lot of operational challenges.


  • Renewable energy. With the ongoing campaign to save our planet, wind and solar have become a major source of clean power for businesses and homes alike. Incentives for wind power have increased, and so has net metering arrangements and power generated. Home and business owners need to invest in three phase converters to connect their generators to the grid and enjoy the benefits.


  • Agricultural packing lines. Most agricultural equipment requires three phase power to operate. However, most farms don't have 3 phase grid for such applications. Your best option is to install a three-phase converter and operate your equipment with no problems at all.


The applications of single to 3 phase power converters are pretty straight forward. If you have a one phase power source and you have 3 phase equipment to operate, you can always add a phase for more reliable power.


If you are in the market for a proven one phase to three phase converter, try our Dyna Phase Units and you won't be disappointed. Call us Now at 519-322-1363.

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