How to Upgrade your Business to 3 Phase Power

The Easiest Way to Upgrade Your Business to 3-Phase Power in Eastern Canada


Numerous businesses around the world have discovered the advantages of three phase power. Do you need to utilize electricity to help operate milling or woodworking machinery in a factory? Or to run an electric motor powering heavy equipment? Perhaps you utilize a conveyor belt mold press or maintain an agricultural packing line or an assembly line?


3 Phase Power Eastern Canada


At an equivalent voltage, this type of streamlined delivery system for polyphase power typically furnishes more efficient electricity than a comparable single phase system! For this reason, it has become an "in-demand" utility company product in many locations across Canada, offering clean power for businesses.


A Modern Conundrum


If so many businesses benefit from employing this type of power, why haven't all companies made the decision to simply "add a phase"? Perhaps you've wondered how to accomplish this goal? You basically have two options. The first will typically require an extended waiting period, and, depending upon your location, added expense. The second (and we believe by far the easiest) method for obtaining clean power for businesses involves adding Dyna-Phase to your enterprise assets.


Take a moment now to consider both of these options in greater depth. We think you'll agree the selection of a Dyna-Phase single phase to 3 phase converter usually makes excellent financial sense for companies in Halifax, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, St. Johns, Charlottetown, and other parts of the Atlantic coast of Canada. The development of rotary phase converters has made it much easier for even small companies to take advantage of the cost savings and enhanced efficiency offered by polyphase power delivery.


Comparing Two Options


How can you obtain this type of polyphase electric power? The first option involves calling your local electric utility company and requesting the special installation of an additional dedicated three phase power line to permit your firm to use polyphase power. Particularly if you conduct business in an outlying area, this option may not strike you as very appealing. It generally requires the completion of extra paperwork, and may entail delays waiting for the utility to fill the order. Plus, as a commercial enterprise, you'll likely face an additional expense for the new installation.


The second option, choosing one of our 3 phase power converters, allows you to implement polyphase power almost immediately. Integrate it into your daily operations to assist specific tasks. You'll enjoy the opportunity to scale this process to meet your consumption needs by choosing a Dyna-Phase 1, 2, 3, or 4 model. All these machines supply overload protection to safeguard the converter motor. They also furnish single phase protection for loads. You can read about the differences between these models on our Dyan-Phase units page.


Some Advantages of Using Rotary Phase Converters


We believe we offer the simplest and most cost-effective way to add a phase. Our company has specialized in manufacturing 3 phase power converters for over three decades in the Canadian marketplace. Consider a few of the key advantages you'll obtain by choosing us to upgrade your business to cleaner power:


Available Technical Support: Most utilities cannot offer business customers a high level of tailored customer support. We do! Call us for assistance integrating your new single phase to 3 phase converter into your daily business operations. We'll endeavor to answer your technical questions and provide helpful, friendly personal assistance.


Receive a Solid 2-Year Warranty: We warrant this equipment for a remarkable two years, so you'll have the opportunity to utilize our rotary phase converters extensively before the expiration of this period.


Obtain Replacement Parts Quickly: Yet another reason to select our acclaimed product line relates to the issue of readily obtainable replacement parts. With heavy use, every machine eventually requires repair services. It makes sense to conduct business with a local Canadian manufacturer capable of supplying necessary replacement components when your enterprise seeks this assistance.


Further Information


Numerous local businesses have already discovered the benefits of our well-built 3 phase power converters. If you research this issue in depth, we think you'll agree we offer outstanding value! We welcome the opportunity to discuss selecting a new single phase to 3 phase converter for your enterprise in eastern Canada. Upgrading your business has never been easier!


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