Dyna Phase Units | 3 Phase Power Converters

Are you ready to upgrade to Dyna Phase Units a superior 3 Phase Power Converter? You can improve your business operational efficiency with this cleaner technology. Discover if Dyna-Phase might be a great way to improve your power system.



Cleaner Power Advantage



Power technology might provide the foundation for your Canadian business, particularly if you are in the woodworking, milling, agricultural packing or manufacturing industries. The most efficient businesses have a number of clear advantages over the competition. Here are some advantages gained by a switch to one of our Dyna Phase 3 Phase Power Converters:



  • Cleaner Power
  • More Efficient Power
  • Lower Overall Energy Costs
  • Higher Uptime / No Downtime
  • Superior Power Performance




Cleaner technology is superior in the long run, like this post we found on why use 3 phase power. You never know whether energy costs will go up or down. With Dyna Phase units, your business can satisfy green energy requirements.


In many ways, everything you do might be impacted by the cost and efficiency of your power system. If you can use a more efficient power converter, you can lower the cost of all of your work.


If your client has a very short window period for manufacturing his product, you can satisfy his schedule when your power conversion is cleaner and more efficient. This allows you to handle jobs that others cannot. Furthermore, Clean Power for Businesses allows you to lower your overall costs, so you can be more profitable.


With three phases for power conversion, you have a more balanced approach. You never know what will happen during a job and this heavier load converter equipment provides you with flexibility that other businesses might not have.



3 Phase Converters Have Many Advantages



With a 3 Phase Power Converter, you can choose from 3 voltage sources to supply the same load. This can create a more balanced electrical load. Reduce power drops and outages with our more efficient 3 Phase Dyna Phase Converter.


Manufacturing lines and data centers running three shifts can depend on continuous power supply with 3 Phase Converters. Clean Power for Businesses will also save energy and deliver more bang for your investment buck. Run more efficiently for longer periods of time.



Comparing Multi-Phase Converters



So, what is the difference between converters with different phases? Shouldn't a 1 phase converter be enough for most businesses? It all depends on what type of functions and business, you are running.



1 Phase Power


If you are running centrifugal pumps, fans or conveyors, you might only have a 1 Phase Power Converter.



2 Phase Power


The 2 Phase Power Converter is used for air compressors, refrigeration units and submersible pumps. This is a heavier duty unit.



3 Phase Power


You can achieve superior versatility with the 3 Phase Power Converter for woodworking equipment, machine shop tools and grain systems.



Why Choose Dyna-Phase Power Converters?



We, at Precision Motor Repair provide Canadian businesses with the means to upgrade their power conversion. Our Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter allows you to enjoy 3 Phase benefits without paying the high cost for a full 3 Phase service. Our basic 1-150 HP, 3 Phase motors are best for woodworking, metalworking, grain dryers, air compressor, welding, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning applications.


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Rotary Phase Converters are particularly beneficial when you are running full loads for extended periods of time. Protect your higher power factor motors with superior Rotary Phase Converters.


Over the last 35 years, our Dyna Phase Rotary Phase Converters have been building a strong reputation for power, efficiency and reliability. We offer a 2 year warranty and provide a full stock of replacement parts. Our goal is to help you improve your power over a long period of time.



Gradual Implementation Plan



The modern world runs more 24/7/365 applications and expects results immediately. This can place a lot of stress on an old power converter. And, in some circumstances you might be limited by a local power supply with only single-phase electrical service. Fortunately, we can help.


We, at Precision Motor Repair understand that you might want to gradually upgrade your old power converter. It might make budgetary sense for you to simply Add a Phase. How does this work?


Our Type K-Duo Add a Phase Static 3 Phase Converter allows you to operate multiple motors at their full load rating, plus a normal amount of overload. You can improve your business efficiency with this cost-effective solution.


Another benefit is that our converters will limit inrush current when the motors are starting. This can be a common problem when you run single phase lines. Our Type K-Duo converters can be adjusted to your exact job specifications to provide you with balanced currents for multiple motors.


Improve job quality with a more consistent power supply. When you can operate for longer periods of time, you can can complete a higher quantity of manufactured products. Adding phases can improve your power conversion efficiency and give you a distinct productivity advantage.



Create a Business Power Solution



Whether you want to Add a Phase or purchase one of our superior Dyna Phase 3 Phase Power Converters, we can help you improve your power conversion system. Power is essential to all that you do and a 3 Phase upgrade can make you more efficient, while lowering your overall long-term costs. With Clean Power for Businesses, you gain an advantage over the competition.


Search through the 3 Phase Power Converters we offer, to find the right one for your business. Perhaps, a Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter might be easier on your budget. We offer many options to better fit your business needs.


With reliable power, you can complete jobs faster at a lower cost because your operations will run more smoothly. Enjoy the Dyna Phase 3 phase power advantage to increase your profits. Dyna Phase units can provide you with a superior power converter technology, so you can create the most powerful business possible. Contact our electrical team today!

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