Can you convert single phase to 3 phase Power?


Can Canadians Convert Seamlessly From Single Phase to 3-Phase Power?

Yes Call Precision Motor Repair!


Today, a growing number of businesses and hobbyists have discovered the benefits of converting from single phase to three phase electrical power.

We stock, service and have single phase to 3 phase converters for sale, then you can enjoy a steadier, more efficient power source.


Some Advantages of a Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter


Enterprises which operate on a 24/7 basis or which need to use powerful equipment settings greatly appreciate the convenience offered by a clean energy-efficient three phase power converter.


Utilizing three phase power in some situations may help prevent unexpected local power outages and power fluctuations; these incidents disrupt production operations and result in unwelcome "down time".


For example, manufacturers employing 3 phase power converters can utilize machinery imposing heavy power loads without having to temporarily suspend the use of other equipment in their plants.


Switching from single phase to 3 phase power in this respect helps streamline a customer's use of electricity. Optimizing efficiency in this way holds great appeal for any companies which seek to avoid expenses involved in sporadic operations.


It enables small businesses to compete more effectively with much larger ventures!


Electrical is NOT a DIY Activity!


Unfortunately, commercial enterprises (especially those in remote locations) sometimes encounter high expenses when they seek to add a phase to optimize their power usage.


While electric utility companies will honor customer requests to construct additional power lines into manufacturing facilities to permit a conversion from single phase to 3 phase power, taking this step in some locations proves exceedingly expensive.


Depending upon a customer's geographic location, the planning phase alone for this type of improvement may consume weeks (or even months) of valuable time. We also wouldn't recommend homemade 3 phase converters, if something went wrong it could cost a life.


This beautiful region of Canada contains miles of open, sparsely populated countryside, areas often afflicted by fickle coastal winds and bitterly cold winter conditions. Imagine the difficulty of stringing extra lines to reach some outlying places during certain seasons of the year? Although Economic Growth and development out East is booming.


The Convert Single Phase to 3 phase Power Process:


The process required to "add a phase" through the use of a converter does not lend itself to DIY in-house efforts, either. Designing and connecting a single phase to 3 phase converter requires expertise.


Mistakes sometimes cause inadvertent power supply disruptions for owners that damage expensive production machinery. Even worse, these types of accidents may cause serious, or even fatal, injuries.


Our company offers a smart solution to this problem. We market lines of economical, tested and proven Dyna-Phase converters (rotary phase converter) to assist our customers in using 3-phase power while retaining they're existing single phase power supply.


Dyna-Phase: A Cutting Edge Innovation


Not surprisingly, in Eastern Canada, the issue of clean power for businesses interests leaders in many different economic sectors. From home shop enthusiasts who craft furniture or metalwork for fun and profit to robust manufacturing, fish canning, and agricultural enterprises.


Numerous residents of the Atlantic Seaboard provinces have already discovered benefits in embracing our cutting-edge Dyna-Phase technology. Visit this page to read about a way to add a phase very cost-effectively.


You'll want to take a closer look at our exciting product lines if you work in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Halifax, St. Johns, Charlotte town or outlying areas!


We offer a way to enjoy clean power for businesses while also assisting small enterprises in ramping up production efforts cost-effectively and safely.


What is a Phase Converter?

To serve our customers, we build several different versions of 3 phase power converters; select the products your shop or business requires scaled to meet your unique enterprise power needs. These products range from a standard duty single motor model to heavy duty multi-motor units.


Why Customers Choose Us

Using our brands makes financial sense for customers who seek a cost-effective way to convert to three phase power. With out changing the current facility's existing electrical power infrastructure.


We'll work closely with you with technical installation support and maintenance of any 3 phase power converters we sell. We offer an excellent option for anyone seeking the advantages of a streamlined electrical power flow.


Take a moment now to review the different models in our inventory at our 3 phase power converters page. We welcome inquiries from prospective customers looking for phase converters geared towards specific industries or work environments.


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Businesses in this region of Canada sometimes request tailored modification to facilitate specific production needs. Depend on our skilled assistance in this field! Contact our Leamington-based company today to obtain further information or to place an order. We look forward to assisting you!

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