3 Phase Service Installations for Your Business

Get 3 Phase Service for Your Business with a Phase Convertor


A 3 phase power is an alternating current that is generated and distributed over three wires. The three wires are 120 degrees out of phase from each other. The alternating current in each wire has the same voltage amplitude and amplitude. A 3 phase power system is, therefore, a system that uses 3 phase power to function.


Three phase systems use Alternating current because it travels longer distances. This current is transmitted at a frequency of 60hertz in the United States, and 50 hertz in the rest of the world. For mechanical power, it is as a result of the product of power and speed. Electrical power, on the other hand, is the product of voltage and current times root of three(3).

balanced 3-phase power AC wave

3 phase power systems use this power because of its flexibility and reliability. These systems are known to require a higher power load that the single-phase power systems. Power can go to as high as 208V from the normal 120v.Some of the benefits of using 3 phase power systems are: Wiring is greatly reduced, thus reducing construction cost. Less energy is also lost since electrical resistance is reduced.




Most of the power available in the homestead is a single phase power. For a user operating a 3 phase system, he may be required to add a phase of power to it, to make it a single phase to 3 phase converter. One can opt to replace 3 phase units with single phase units in order to utilize this power. However, this may not be possible for all equipment. The most appropriate way to convert single to 3 phase power, therefore, is to use a single phase to 3 phase converter/3 Phase Power Converters.


3 phase power converters are devices used to convert a single phase power to 3 phase power. It is acquired after you add a phase to a single phase power system. In most case, the Dyna-phase rotary style converter is used to carry out the conversion. Unlike the other converters on the market, this converter is safe to use, has a high efficiency and more reliable.




At our company, we have invested a lot in ensuring that we deliver a reliable and quality service, through 3 phase power installation. There are cases where power fluctuations and interruptions may be caused in our systems. This may even be beyond our control. That is why we advise that the customer is more responsible for protecting their power systems.


In addition to the services we may offer, it is also important to let you know that you need to take additional measures to protect your equipment properly. Our company specializes in providing 3 phase service (s), irrespective of the system in place. The targeted businesses are shopping centers, large industries, and institutions.



Some of the specific systems that run on 3 phase power include refrigerators, large air conditioners, water pumps, and heavy cookers. It is important to note that three-phase power systems need added protection. Three-phase equipment needs to have three lines, properly supplied with power to function properly.


However, when the voltage is not supplied on any one line and finds the system unprotected, damages and system failure might occur. Although certain protection mechanisms, such as fuses and circuit breakers are put in place to protect systems in case of a failure, they may not be sufficient.


Fortunately, there is good news for you on how to secure your system. There are several types of sensors available to improve your system protection. Supervisory relays are also available that even increase system protection much more. Well trained technicians are tasked to install these relays on your systems.


It is important to note that upon installation, issues such as under-voltage, over-voltage, phase loss, reversal, and phase imbalance will be history.

We are well aware of how expensive 3 phase power systems are. This protection will provide an added insurance that will increase equipment lifespan.




Having reliable 3 phase power at the right voltage level is very important for any business. In a way, it ensures clean power for businesses which greatly increase the operational efficiency. It is not possible to completely solve power quality problems. However, it is important to note that if not solved, they might affect the most sensitive parts of power systems, processing operations, and motors.


To provide clean power for businesses and keep the voltages within the required limits customers use UPS systems, lightning arrests, and protection devices to guard against power surges. Since this solution does not solve the problems fully, we offer a power quality analysis program.


Well trained and licensed personnel conduct this analysis and help you find appropriate solutions. In addition to finding solutions, they will also provide a follow-up to monitor outcomes.



Why you should consider 3 phase service installations for your business


  • Power delivered to 3 phase systems by 3 phase converters is constant. This is not the case with single-phase systems here power is always pulsating.


  • 3 phase power system gives a higher power output than a single phase system.


  • The motor in 3 phase systems is self-starting. Single phase motor has no starting force and therefore to some extent might be started manually. This highly reduces the efficiency.


  • In addition to this, you will require fewer conductors when transmitting power in 3 phase power systems. The transmission cost is greatly reduced in the process.



We provide solutions for all your 3 phase power installation needs. Contact us today for more information on our 3 phase converters and installation services.

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Always have a licensed electrician/company, to regularly carry out 3 phase service maintenance on your system.

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